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Paul Ryan
  Speaker Ryan Promises Health Care Bill Unclear About Enactment Timing  CSPAN  January 5, 2017 11:14pm-11:31pm EST

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guarantee. it's a guarantee of defined benefits. it's a promise, a promise and a guarantee. and certainly, there's stuff in the nominee's background to suggest he's walking back on the guaranteed benefits. you ask is this important and i think all three of us would tell you it is important, and as far as the american people are concerned, this particular agency touches the lives of millions and millions of the most vulnerable americans, and you bet this is right up at the top of our priority list. >> thank you, everybody. next, house speaker paul ryan on the plan to repeal the affordable care act.
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he also updated reporters on the other republican priorities including regulatory reform. this is just over ten minutes. >> this week we hit the ground running on a bold agenda for the country. we've taken action on bills to help our veterans. we just jumpstarted relief for americans struggling under obamacare. and we are starting to address the damage done by burdensome regulations. one big reason that our economy is so far from its potential, one reason there's so much frustration among american is the crush of regulations that are coming out of washington. just go to about anyone in this country. the coal mines in rust belt or the papermilthe papermill southn the midwest, you will see jobs in the whole industries in jeopardy from too long unelected bureaucrats have been simply telling people how things are going to be. handing down all these
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regulations with little scrutiny or thought. this needs to change, and not just by peeling away this rule with that particular regulation. president-elect trump called for an overhaul of the entire regulatory system. this was always the key part of our agenda that we ran on this fall. so here are just a few steps we are taking to protect jobs in this country. first, where we can, we will use the congressional review act to provide relief from job crushing regulations. here's an example. any real input from the state, the administration recently handed down regulations that could wipe out literally thousands upon thousands of jobs in the country. we have a resolution of disapproval o when the new president's desk to prevent this rule comes to stop this rule. second, we want to stop the obama administration's last-minute regulatory onslaught altogether. it is on pace to cost americans billions and billions of dollars. this week the house took action
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to pass a bill to make it easier to reverse the midnight rolls lame-duck president pushed through at the 11th hour. third, we will set in motion reforms to fix the regulatory system itself. today, with the president-elect'the president es act. it will provide more accountability and transparency on the rules and regulations to take effect and help make sure the government gets it right. if we are going to get the economy on track, we need to get people the freedom they need. we need to get the government out of the way of hard-working peoplhard workingpeople so we cn the country. this is what regulatory reform is all about about coming and te will be one of the highest priorities of the new unified republic. >> mr. speaker, just as we speak here, rand paul is meeting with members of the freedom [inaudible] yesterday it seemed republicans put forth, but inevitably this will be a challenging process.
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do you view this as kind of this is the first break on this and how will you combat those inevitable breaks when they come from senator paul -- >> i'm really not concerned about this. this is a repeal resolution. of resolution. our members understand that, and we've been planning this for sometimforsome time and the mems realize that. the full traditional budget resolution will occur this fall like it always does, and the members understand the process. >> inevitably you will have some folks say i can't go for this or that -- >> i believe the members understand exactly why we are doing what you're doing and this is a repeal of resolution to get to the instructions we need to keep our promise. the members get that and they realized that a more comprehensive complete budget will be coming in the fall like it always does and the way the process works. >> you have full faith in the
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united states -- [inaudible] >> i do have faith that our men and women on the intelligence committee are doing an intelligent child sacrificing, we overhauled this about a decade ago when we realized the intelligence community wasn't getting things right. so there is room for improvement. >> do you have any doubt of russia meddling in the united states -- >> russia clearly trie >> russia clearly tried to meddle in our political system. let me say a couple things. first of all, and i think this is what the president elect is legitimately upset about. they try to delegitimize the election. that is just bogus. he won fair and square, clearly and convincingly. they didn't tell hillary clinton not to go to wisconsin or michigan or put this stuff on the laptop. he won the election fair and square, clearly and convincingly, okay?
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now, having said that, do we ever condone any for an actor or outside interference from trying to mess with our elections? of course not, we have said this all along. but let's put this in the proper perspective, and that is its denied those that are trying to delegitimize the presidency before it starts while doing what we need to make sure going forward outside actors don't interfere in the political system. >> [inaudible] >> from 2009 the process democrats used reconciliation you railed against and republicans have the talking point of jamming things down american throats. how do you square that out, and on the budget resolutions, some are worse than obama last year and the reconciliation
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deterioration in the institutional legitimacy -- >> not at all. we should do the reconciliation every year. i'm excited at the fact we are getting the shot for doing to reconciliation this year. that's a revival of the process of anything. what i've been concernebut i'ven the past is going a year or two without doing any reconciliations. doing it frequently is exactly what we should be doing, and it's exactly one of the better aspects of the 74 budget act. with respect to what they did when they passed obamacare, we ran on what you're going to replace obamacare with. we made it really clear to the people of this country what we want to replace obamacare with. but let's take a step back. this is hurting people right now. i mean, look at the premium increases. this year, arizona 116% increase in premiums.
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tennessee, 63% increase in premiums. oklahoma, 69% increase in premiums. illinois, 43% increase in premiums. if carolina, 40% increase. nebraska, 51%. pennsylvania, 53%. these are statistics and these are real lives and real families taking huge premium increases, and on top of this, massive deductibles, so it doesn't even feel like you have insurance in the first place. so, i think what is happening now, democrats, for ideological reasons, are trying to save the failing wall, which was an ideological pursuit. it isn't working. it's failing. it's nothing but a string of broken promises. remember, if you like it, keep it coming if you don't, if they'd none of those things. but what is worse and the fact that obamacare is a series of broken promises that have been debunked, this is what they call it death spiral.
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plans are pulling out. about one third of the counties in the country have only one choice. that's not a choice, that's a monopoly. so, it is failing. families who live paycheck to paycheck are getting hit with double digit premium increases, with massive deductibles increases. we have to provide relief. we have to step in front of this chaos and provide relief for people. that is why we are moving to fix this problem. our goal is to improve people's lives. it's to have healt have have hem that actually works. to have a health care system where families actually have more choices and freedom. more competition and lower prices. so, this is why we are doing this. stop the damage from getting worse, because it is getting worse. the insurance tells us it will be worse in 2017. what is important to know -- and i think the scare tactics started with democrats yesterday. they are trying to meet americans think some da day, ths
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february with this march you are going to wake up and not having healthave ahealth insurance pla. that's not happening. that's not true. what you're doing is we will be methodical and deliberative. we are going to do this the right way. we are going to get the law repealed and replaced. and we are going to have a transition period so that people do not have the rug pulled out from underneath them while we get to a better place. obamacare has failed, is getting worse, and we have to provide relief. we will have a transition period so that people don't get hurt. >> don't you also have to deal with the record low numbers of uninsured as well as the low -- >> look [inaudible] -- if your deductible is $12,000, it doesn't feel like you have insurance. if you don't have a choice other than the one thing you're stuck with, it doesn't feel like a choice. this is failing and we have to
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fix it. >> there was a controversial changing that have to do with [inaudible] and you were calle are called uy several police associations -- >> i haven't seen it. i will have to take a look at it. where is this? >> [inaudible] >> i haven't seen it. i will have to take a look at it. >> [inaudible] >> let me look at the letter. >> do you believe you will be able to ensure as many people as currently? >> we are just beginning to put this together. we haven't gotten scores yet on these things. but let me say this: how can we in this country have a health care system that gives us assess
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without a government takeover and the death spiral that obama is giving us, and that is yes. that is what we intend to deliver on. >> can you tell me how and why you will pass the legislation to the fund planned parenthood? >> planned parenthood would be in the reconciliation bill. >> over in the senate, grassley reintroduced a bill [inaudible] >> the discussion on the minimum you mean? >> yes, and obviously well behaved prisoners getting out early. you talked before the election doing something like this. do you plan to do something like this? >> i do support criminal justice reform. i think it is a long time coming. i asked the committee to pick up where they left off. they past six or eight bills, i don't remember the exact number. i asked them to pick up where they left off.
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he ran out of time and intend to pick up where we left off and get moving again on the criminal justice reform. i think it's good policy and the right thing to do for lots of reasons and yes, this is a priority for us. last one in the back. >> can you commit that the congress will have completed a repeal and replace obamacare by this session? >> yes, it will occur this year. the legislation, the repeal and replace in transitioning -- it will occur this year. the day that it gets phased and we do not know because we are waiting for the trump administration to be stood up and tom price to be confirmed as the secretary of health and human services. the questionnaire is how long it will take for the markets to put him in place and addressed. the question we don't know the answer to. but the legislating on obamacare will happen this year. >> next on c-span2, potential changes to the national security
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council during the trump administration then incoming white house press secretary spicer and the debate on defunding the affordable care act. ..
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>> amidst ongoing regional conflict as told through the stories of ukrainian people. in the book black square she is interviewed by alexander cooley, columbia university university professor and director of the harriman institute. >> when your state disappears or is radically formulated that often leaves a space of chaos. for ordinary people, especially people who don't have a lot of money. people who are in other areas
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that can lead to an unbelievable amount of upheaval and stress in their own lives. >> afterwards, sunday night at nine eastern on book tv. go to book go to for the complete we can schedule. >> next, discussion about the role of the national security council as potential changes during the trump administration. the council the council on foreign relations hosted this hour-long event. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] >> good morning.